1. 35 HP Superior engine, weight is about 9,000 lbs
2. For Sale: $9,500.00. This is a Reid engine, 30 HP.  It was restored by Ricky, David, and Alton Kallenberg. I obtained the engine through a trade. The Kallenbergs did an excellent job of restoration on this Reid, and it runs perfectly.  It has a pony start engine, and 14 brass oilers.

3. For Sale: $9,500.00. 1920 Deutz-Otto lamp start side shaft 4-cycle engine.  Complete, as found in Argentina.
4. 1900 Reid, 15 HP, from the Marrietta oil fields of W. Virginia.
5. For Sale: $15,000.00. 1910 Deutz-Otto 11 E 10 HP engine.  Made in Germany, found in Argentina. Restored by Robert in June of 2000.

6. 5 HP Monitor by Baker  Manufacturing.  This engine has a huge bull gear engaged by a hand-clutch mechanism.
7. A 10 HP FM “N” under restoration
8. For Sale: $12,500.00. 10 HP Krueger Atlas Junior
9. A 22 HP Stover.  Although set up as a hit and miss, it has a throttle-governed mixer.  Engine runs nice and slow.
10. 6 HP Kruegar Atlas Junior
11. I’m shown here with the gear I’ll use to build a Bill Santos Robson Cogwheel flame ignition engine.  Will post more about this project later.
12. Three of our four Fuller and Johnsons.
13. Two of these For Sale: $1,500.00 each or both for $2,500.00. Krueger Atlas Oil Engine.  One of three known to exist.
14. New Way engine
15. This engine is a 1.5 HP International “M”
It’s on the original set of factory skids with the words McCormack-Deering in white letters on the side of the skids
16. The engine in the foreground is a 1.5 HP Stover, and the one on the back of the cart is a Cushman Cub.
17. This is a 10 HP FM “Z” engine
18. This is a 3 HP Hercules
19. A 3 HP stover w/webster tripolar mag
20. This 4 HP FM “T” originally came from Hurley, New Mexico.  I obtained it from a collector in Colorado
21. 4 HP Stover
22. This is a 6 HP International “M”.  I have all the parts to complete the engine.
23. This 8 HP Stover came off of a ranch in far West Texas.
24. A 1.5 HP Emmerson-Brantingham “U”
25. A 3 HP Fuller and Johnson
26. This engine is a 4 HP FM “H”
27. For Sale: $1,800.00. This is a restored Gilson 
“Goes like 60” air-cooled hit and miss engine.

28. For Sale: $950.00. This a 3 HP Hercules
29. This is a 3 HP John Lawson Frost King Engine.  I’m missing the mag and Gov lever.
30. For Sale: $1,500.00. This is a Kewanne Pumping engine
31. This is a little 1.5 HP T & M engine.  It’s hit and miss, and uses a plug and coil.
32. This engine is a 3 HP Witte
33. For Sale: $2,500.00. This is a FM ZC engine.  It’s displacement is 208, making it about 10 HP. It runs on propane.

34. For Sale: $6,500.00. This is a 6 HP Stover YC that came off a ranch North of Marfa, Texas. My dad worked on this ranch during the summers while attending the University of Texas. The engine is in primer, and will be finished out in a deep red.
35. This is a Aermotor Heavy back-geared engine. The cooling tank is original, as is the gasoline tank. I also have the starting handle and pitman arm for the back gears.
36. This is a 1903 Crossley engine manufactured in Manchester, England. It was sold to J. J. Crow of the Victoria Iron Works in 1903. I acquired the engine from a collector in Amershame, England, about 1997. The engine was shipped over to the States on the Stella Lykes, a ship owned by the Lykes Brothers. Ironically, the Lykes Brothers also own the ranch in West Texas where I obtained a 8 HP Stover.
37. The Kewanne pumping engine was found about 20 miles north of Uvalde, Texas. I restored the engine several years ago.
38. This group of guys are friends of mine from England. The person that owns the property where the photo was taken is Ed Bolton. Also in the photo are his brother, Archie, John Murry, and terry Lions. I’m standing in front of the American flag, and Ed is to my left.
39. A 165 HP Garrett gas turbine engine, circa 1967.  Not very antique, but I like jets.
40. A 1926 Fort Model “T” that belonged to my dad. He fixed it up one year with a Fairbanks-Morse sign for the Stonewall show.
41. A 6 HP Krueger-Atlas I used to own. Shown in the photo is the late Erwin Kretzmeyer.
42. This is another shot of my Kewanne pumping engine.
43. I’m shown trying to start a vertical Otto. Assisting is John Murry. The photo was taken in England in 1997.
44. A Kewanne engine belonging to my dad. He acquired it from a collector in Canada, and had it shipped to Texas.
45. My dad’s Aermotor. It was also obtained from a collector in Canada in fully restored condition.
46. A photo of a 6 HP Stover YC taken out of the book “Power of the Past, Volume 3,” by Mr. Wendel.
47. This engine is a 2 HP Havana “Red and Ready” engine. It’s my understanding that only a handful of these engines exist.
48. A 12 HP FM “T” engine, that my wife spotted while we were on a trip in Arizona. I’ve since sold the engine to a collector up North.
49. A 3 HP FM vertical “T” engine. It’s complete, awaiting a full restoration.
50. A picture of the Crossley engine I bought in England. If you look closely, you can see Archie Bolton hanging on the back of the flywheel. 
51. This engine is a 270 HP FM “33” diesel. It weighs in at around 45,000 lbs. My dad, (shown in the photo) and I used to take the engine to the Stonewall engine show.  It is now in a museum in Penn.
52. This is another shot of my heavy back-geared Aermotor.