I learned this great art form from friend Delbert Brewster a while back. Delbert makes this type of bowl, and also does some of the most fantastic Scrimshaw I’ve ever seen (I’m trying my hand at that also!).
Each bowl is obviously as different as the antler used, simply no two alike. The antler is selected for it’s size and shape. I make both small, medium, and large sized bowls. The tips of the tines are carefully leveled so that they are all in the same “plane”, and then will rest on a flat surface equally well. I then place the antler on a nice, select piece of Mesquite, and mark where the tines touch. The bowl is then carved out, and the edges scalloped where the antlers contact the wood. The “joint” is held securely together by using a brass rod, inserted into both the antler, and the bowl. It takes countless hours of fit and finish to sculpt the two together. The piece is then given a finish of brushing lacquer, signed, dated, and serial numbered on the bottom.

Pricing is from $350 to $2,200, depending on the size of the antler used. The example in these photos is a antler bowl I made for my wife, a similar one of this size would sell for $1,200. The profile is roughly 12″ x 8″ x 7″ tall.

I have a very large set of antlers that I will be using in the near future. This set will most certainly be a one of a kind. If you are interested, please email me, and I’ll send a photo and measurements of the set. Also, if you have a nice individual antler or set, I’ll be happy to custom make a bowl(s) using your set.