The Texas Classic Rocking Chair® and Piper Rocker®  plan sets are now available. Use your wood, your tools, your skill, your abilities, and my plans to build beautiful museum quality chairs. These chairs are designed to be family heirlooms, and destined to remain in your family forever. The manual that comes with the plans is very concise and accurate down to the last detail (sample). The plans are easy to follow, although keep in mind that this isn’t a “quick build” chair. It is a complex rocker, with complicated joinery. However the way the construction is laid out, most anyone should be able to build either of these rockers by simply following the step-by-step instructions. We are preparing a FAQ page for rocker construction, and in the meantime, I will personally handle your questions via email. – Robert Hensarling

SET A: The Texas Classic Rocking Chair® Plans
The Texas Classic Rocking Chair® Plans Set is for building the full sized rocker. The set comes with the manual, along with a set of paper templates. Included in the manual is a supplies listing, telling you how much and what kind of materials you need, for any of the operations in the manual. At the beginning of each chapter is a page telling the builder what tools and materials to have ready in order to build that portion of the chair. Also, as a bonus, included in the Texas Classic Rocking Chair Set is a 2nd rocker, called the “Heritage” rocker. It is a beautiful rocker I designed many years ago. Like it’s brother, the “Classic”, the “Heritage” comes with all the text and drawings needed to build a chair.

Set B: The Piper Rocker® Plans
The Piper Rocker® is the same rocker as the Texas Classic® Rocking Chair, with one difference: It is for a child, young, or small person. Overall the construction of the rocker is the same as the larger “Classic”, but some of the tooling is decreased in size, and other measurements, are changed.


  • Set A – The Texas Classic Rocking Chair® Plans: $175.00 plus S/H and 7.25% State Tax if in Texas
  • Set B – The Piper Rocker® Chair Plans: $175.00 plus S/H and 7.25% State Tax if in Texas
  • Both Plans Sets Together: Save $50.00!! $300.00 plus S/H and 7.25% State Tax if in Texas