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 I have several excess Mesquite saw-logs. I’m marking a few of them that I’ve decided to sell. The sales price of a log is based on $5.00 BF in the round. I figure the BF by taking the diameter of the log (not including bark or sapwood, this is averaged out) and use the formula
Pi X radius/square times the length of the log. So a log that’s 6 feet long by 20″ in diameter (heartwood), is 10 times 10, or 100. 100 times Pi is 100 x 3.14 = 314. 314 X 72″(length of the log) is 22608, divided by 144 (inches in a square foot) = 157 Board Feet in this log. 157 BF x $5.00 per BF is $785.00.

Also, depending on my time schedule, I can mill the log(s) into lumber at a rate of $120.00 per hour, with the customer giving me the dimensions desired. I can assist in loading the logs or lumber, using my forklift, but I do not offer any shipping options.

Prices are based on FOB my shop in Uvalde. I know a man who can haul a good load so let me know should you need his service.