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Mesquite Rocking Chair Seminar

Robert’s FOUR DAY SEMINAR is an intense, comprehensive demonstration of the techniques needed and used in the construction of a rocking chair. In this four day class, Robert will build a complete rocking chair, from start to finish. You will learn how to shape the various parts of the rocker using the band saw, assorted carbide tools, and sanding drums, and how to  join those parts together. You will learn all the tips and procedures that go with the making of this style of chair. You will learn in four days, what took Robert many years to perfect.

The seminar not only teaches  you a lot about joinery, shaping, glue-up, etc, but is also a basic 4 day seminar on how to work mesquite, whether it’s a rocker or not.  What I can pass on to the class is my 28 years of experience, working primarily with mesquite.  You learn how to get the most from any given board, how to epoxy, bandsaw, shape with several different grinders, and so forth. 

Class are scheduled  from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM each day, with an hour lunch break.

The tuition for the 4 day seminar is $1,100.00 and includes handouts, and a set of rocking chair plans. Refreshments are included, but lodging and meals will be up to you.

You may also Email Robert with any seminar questions.

Uvalde Area Motels:

  • Holiday Inn of Uvalde 830 278 4511
  • Best Western Continental Inn 830 278 5671
  • Inn of Uvalde 830 278 9173

Uvalde Area RV Parks:

  • Quail Springs RV Park 830 278 8182
  • Live Oak Lake RV Park 830 278 4891

Woodworking is inherently dangerous.
All participants are required to sign a liability release form before each seminar commences.

If you are not able to attend after paying the deposit or full amount the amount you paid can be applied to a future seminar. In any case, you will receive your set of plans.




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Robert Hensarling
Mesquite Rocker Scientist

*** 2014 – 4 day Seminar Schedule ***

March 19-22, 2014  (Wednesday – Saturday)


This is your chance to sign up for Robert’s Master Rocking Chair class !  Go to the seminars section, fill out the form, and email to us today!   Full details of what these are all about can be found here .    

It would be in your best interest to sign up now to assure yourself a place in this seminar.  Seats fill up fast.  By clicking here, you will be taken to the registration page, where  you can fill out the form, and send in your fee (1/2 of the total fee is required to hold a place for you).  The 2nd half of the tuition will be collected the first morning of the session.  If you should have any special requirements that will need attention during the session, please let me know by email or letter.       

So, here it is, what you’ve been asking for since last year.  Please do yourself a favor, and make arrangements ASAP, it’s for your benefit.  If you have purchased one of my Classic/Heritage plans sets, you may deduct the price you paid, from the tuition fee.  Then, divide that amount by 2, and that’s the amount you’ll initially send in, plus it’s the amount you’ll pay the first day of class.


Wear comfortable cloths, but be prepared for anything, this is Texas.  There is no cooling, besides fans, in my shop. 

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