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Beyond its traditional casinos, it is slowly but surely making its mark on golfing tourists who want to get out of classic destinations to face, at reasonable cost, new golfing challenges in an original environment. Here are a few.

Wolf Creek, Camera and Action!

If you’re ready for a memorable round of golf, then head first to Wolf Creek with your camera. Because the overall view of the grounds is impressive. Moreover, it is quite usual to see golfers, at the starting tertre, first take out their camera before seizing their driver.

This course, nestled in spectacular canyons in the north-east of the town of Mesquite, is in fact a unique experience for any golfer wishing to put his talent to the test.

Wolf Creek indeed has a topography to frighten the boldest golfers. By the way, his official slogan “I survived” says it all! For the connoisseurs, let us emphasize that the “slope”, starting from the most distant tertres of departure, is 154!

No erratic blow will be forgiven on this field ranked 37th among the top 100 public courses in America. An error and your bullet will bounce off the rocks surrounding the course before fading into ravines and caves reminiscent to some extent of Afghanistan’s mountainous landscapes… It is highly advisable to have with you a good supply of balls!

While waiting to experience the challenge on site, you can always test the course beforehand on a computer screen, as the creators of the video game “Tiger Woods PGA Tour” have included it among the famous golf courses proposed.

Coyote Springs, Middle of Nowhere

Founded in 2008, The Coyote Springs golf club is located at the foot of canyons, in a remote area halfway between Las Vegas and Mesquite.

This place was to be a new Palm Springs blooming in the heart of Nevada. Unfortunately, this has not yet happened… As elsewhere in the West, the recession has hit the region hard and hampered its development. It is the only golf course, of the eight planned, that has been created so far.

Despite a club-house – probably temporary – where there is no comfort, it is a whole golf course! The 7471-metre course, from the starting tertres of the competition, is surrounded by eleven lakes and is one of Jack Nicklaus ‘ beautiful achievements in such a desert area.

Designed to be surrounded by a large residential estate, which is still only a view of the spirit, its architecture obliges to ride long between each starting mound, especially on the last nine holes.

The first part of the course requires a lot of precision. This can be frustrating for the long hitter as it is full of traps hidden inside the canyons. The most memorable hole is, in my opinion, the second by 5.

The nine back holes were designed in a more classic way, allowing for a little relief of stress. For those who like to walk the field of practice in advance, Coyote Springs is about 100,000 square feet and its green is 10,000 feet. No reason to step on each other’s toes, golfers!

Conestoga, a Challenge for a Good Golfer

Rather undulating through the canyons and cleverly interwoven in the spectacular reliefs of Mesquite, the course of the Conestoga Golf Club gives the impression, at first sight, of playing golf on Mars, especially at the start of the first holes.

If your handicap is high enough, a tip: Fill Up With Balls and relax by admiring the Simply magnificent panorama. Because the terrain is brutal if you don’t hit straight and good distance.

And if the desert wind gets out of the game, as is usual at the end of the afternoon, then goodbye the good score!

The greens, of exceptional quality, are very well protected by numerous sand pits and, occasionally, by dried river beds. The quality of your approach moves will be severely tested. And your party may be out of time…

Sand Hollow, a Dream Course

From Mesquite, the road leading to Sand Hollow golf Course, located 15 minutes from the town of St. George, in southern Utah, is quite simply spectacular, especially in the portion crossing the canyons that tighten the road closely.

You have to count a good hour to get there and don’t forget to put your watch Forward an hour because you are entering another time zone. Otherwise, we might miss the start time.

The trail is located near the western entrance to Zion national Park, which, along with Bryce Canyon National Park, is a once-in-a-lifetime wonder of the planet. A visit to the site is necessary if time permits.

Sand Hollow is a land that you absolutely have to put on your list. Everything is impeccable: from the club house to the course, which is in a flawless state, not to mention a breathtaking 360-degree view, especially on the last nine holes.

The 7300-yard course takes full advantage of the natural beauty of the area and is a happy panoramic blend of Links golf course and desert landscape. Unless you’re in one of your bad days, you can make a good score, although the huge red sand pits, placed in strategic locations, can sometimes ruin your attempts at birthing.

The Mecca of the Long Punchers

The warm, dry climate of the Mesquite region is ideal for long golfing. It is not for nothing that the specialized network “Golf Channel” organizes the annual event of the “World Long Drive Championship”, as will be the case from September 18 to 27.

During our time on the specially designed Field, in the suburbs of Mesquite, we were able to measure ourselves against the longest batter in Nevada who had moved for the occasion.

The best of us got a 313-yard long start. What is not nothing, the golfers of experience will agree. Our champion pushed his ball to a distance of 417 yards! A way for us to come home, more humble than ever.