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Mesquite is located in the countryside of Dallas, and it is on the 12th place of most populous town in the state. Because of Mesquite’s location, at the intersection of four leading highways, it is very likely to end up at this place, if you are traveling through Texas. But what are the options that you can do in this little place on the map? Are there any attractions you can visit here? Here are 8 things you’ll want to make sure you add to your bucket list when you’re arranging your next Texas vacation.

Have a look at the top 8 things to visit in the city of Mesquite:

  1. Rodeo mesquite

Rodeo mesquite
Mesquite is commonly known as the Rodeo Capital of Texas. This professional rodeo works during the traditional rodeo season, from spring to autumn, and is on the second place of most televised rodeo worldwide.
This rodeo has been changing several times since the inception, but now it is part of Camelot Sports and Entertainment, which acquired the rodeo from the Texas Rangers and Dallas Stars owner 10 years ago. Since then, they have invested loads of money into authorizing the place, with high-definition video cards and increasing luxurious suites. There is also a restaurant, only available for the members.
The previous presidents Reagan and W. Bush, and the Prince Rainier III of Monaco are one of those who have enhanced the appearance of the rodeo doors.

  1. Devil’s Bowl Speedway

Races are just another sport full of adrenaline that you’ll experience in Mesquite. Devil’s Bowl Speedway provides a half-mile outdoor dirt track for many kinds of car competitions and motor racing. The period when the races start is very similar to the rodeo season, from spring to mid-autumn, with runs only on Saturdays at night. They organize several vital events, such as the Winter Nationals and the very famous annual Lonestar 600, but also there are many unique attractions during the season, such as nights full of fireworks.

  1. Dallas Marshals

The team of Dallas Marshals is the football team that plays in Mesquite Arena. The Marshals are included in the 11 Teams in the Football League indoors, and they also have a dancing squad and cheerleaders, where the leader is a former dancer from Dallas Mavericks, who shows up during part-time. The Marshals, starting in February, have seven games annually at home.

  1. Mesquite Arts Center

If you don’t like sports and prefer to enjoy local and traditional culture, you should visit the Mesquite Arts Center so you can find different presentations and exhibitions throughout the year. You should check the schedule before you decide to go to the Center so you can see what’s on while you stay in the town.

  1. Mesquite’s Public art

And if you are lucky to have sunny weather and there’s nothing in the Arts Center that attracts you, you might want to have toured over the town and see some of the urban art exhibitions. The Arts Council in Mesquite and the City Council assimilated to endorse pieces of public art distributed throughout the city. There is also an Art program around the town, which offers temporary exhibitions of sculptures in selected spots. You can search online to discover where are located these popular social art exhibitions.

  1. Golf Club – Mesquite

Don’t you like to watch others practice different sports, and you prefer to go out and involve yourself? Well, with this sport you will do good exercise and enjoy the entertaining spectacle at the Golf Club in Mesquite. Revel in a considerable area of land and more than 15 holes, ideal for golf professionals and beginners as well. You can arrange your golf time up to six days earlier. If you’re out of town and you don’t have balls, T-shirts, or gloves, the Pro Shop online has all you need.

There is a Grill bar that serves snacks, different types of tasty sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs during the game, and a drink truck is on the field while playing your game, so you could always have a cold drink anytime when you feel thirsty.

  1. Florence Ranch Homestead

This historic landmark of Texas initially was built in 1871, by the Florence family. The house was later expanded in the 1890s. Today, this area is well-known as Meadow View Farm. Florence’s second generations were very progressive in the society, with Son Emet who become the primary breeder of Percheron horses and Hampshire sheep. Today, the Florence Ranch Homestead is a considerable example of the rural architecture of Texas in the 19th century. Partially it is also an educational museum.

  1. Historical Park Opal Lawrence

Included in the National Register of historic Sites, the Opal Lawrence Historical Park is established on Lawrence’s farm, which was first realized in the year of 1874. The House has a vernacular style of Texas prairie with several changes since its original construction.

You are still able to see many of the historical dependencies, such as the smokehouse, the basement, the laundry room and two outbuildings (barns).

The family members of the Lawrence family lived in this house until 1995, and the last Lawrence’s member left home in Mesquite in his decision. But what is more important of this house are the very rare painted roofs, which represent the significant idyllic lifestyle in Texas.